• Frank's Video and Conversion with still video image - Preservation, Conversion, Duplication, and Commercial Creation
  • Convert all physical image media to digital and deliver it to the cloud
  • Tape and film conversion to dvd
  • Photos converted to digital images, cataloged and uploaded to the cloud
  • Video Creation including Production, Editing, and Display

Digital Preservation Guide

Preserving your memories, whether they are photo's, slides, movies, videos, LPs or cassettes, is an important legacy for your family & friends. How to accomplish this with today's technology can sometimes boggle the mind. Options are available for the casual techie, but they are usually time consuming and often become incomplete projects.
This FREE guide will assist in helping you to preserve your digital memories. Use the tips to categorize and store copies in current media application such as the cloud, CDs & DVDs.
If your memories are still in boxes, conversion tools are available for home use. These can work well but often require a lot of time to learn & set up. That's where we come in. Call Frank's Video Conversion for a FREE consultation. We'll help you save the memories and let you share them with the world.

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Photo Conversion
Are boxes of old photos yellowing in the attic or the closet? Why not make them part of your digital life and easily organize your images of family vacations, and holidays.
Film & VHS to DVD
Did you know that film becomes brittle over time? Did you know VHS players are becoming obsolete? Don't allow your memories to fail or become obsolete, Contact us TODAY!
All Digital Conversion
Digital conversion of your photos and film makes for easy organization and sharing of all your memories. Online Storage is available, easy to access and allows easy sharing.
Video Creation
Have you ever imagined your own 30 second video? Tell your story with images, voice or both and we'll show you how. Visitors click on photos & Video, make a connection!